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Oct 30, 2011
Mary Journal: 2 months 4 weeks

Hi Sweet Girl.  You've gotten so big, so fast.  You went, and are still going through, a tough time.  You're require much more needs than Gavin did, and while I can appreciate that, with the demands of the house, and the demands of raising a sibling along side you, it can be difficult to meet those needs from time to time.  I hate admitting it, but sometimes, I wind up having to listen to you cry as we move through the day.  Those jags lately have gotten longer in between, but it's still stressful to have to go through them.  When you are unhappy, you definitely know how to show it.

On the upside, you are smiling these days; granted, you can be pretty stingy with them, but I think it's your age more than your temperament, so I don't take it personally.  You have your Daddy's dimples, and they show so wonderfully when you smile really big.  You love mornings, and as soon as my face comes over your crib, I get the biggest smiles out of you.  It won't be long until you are reaching for me. 

You sleep nicely these days, only waking once in the night, and once in the early morning.  You have two naps a day, and amazingly enough, take your afternoon nap at the same time as your brother.  You like your environment very calm.  You are not a pick up and go and take anywhere type of baby like your brother was.  No.  You like order, repetition, and above all, quiet, still and slowness.  You are getting to the age where you like to be entertained rather than just sat with.  You love interaction, and enjoy when people pay their full attention to you.  You have found your hands, and along with sticking them in your mouth, you like to grasp and reach for objects in your sight.  You are holding the same set of keys that Gavin first held.  Your legs are busy whenever you are placed on any flat surface (which you prefer most times to any other type of sitting).  People laugh as you look like you are running a race.  You like to be held upright and walked around to take it all in.  If you are in full blown upset mode, you hate any and all interaction, and above all, hate being rocked to sleep as a solution, but it's almost always the solution.  Most of the time, your crankiness is due to over stimulation.

You laughed for the very first time today.  I heard you, then looked up, and realized you were giggling at Gavin sitting in front of your swing.  Every time your swing bumped into his knees, it sent you into a fit of giggles.  It was the most heartwarming sound to ever leave your lips.  Your coos are getting to be pretty regular as well.  You always seem to have something to tell me.

You also rolled over with a little bit of help today.  I held out my hand, and you pushed your little foot against it and flipped over.  It won't be long now, and you'll be doing it all on your own, and the easy days of infanthood, for me, will be over.  You are still small enough to fit into a sling with ease, and I look forward to a great many month more of wearing you.  You don't seem to be chunking out at the same break neck speed that your brother did.  You are still in 0-3 month clothing, and mainly live in footed pajamas these days.  You do well in cloth diapers, and on some, have moved up to the second row of snaps, and on others, are on the smallest setting available, just depending on the brand.

You're confident, and simply beautiful.  I watch you sleep and sit in awe of this little wondrous creature I have been blessed to raise and know.

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