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Apr 20, 2008
Baby Journal: Welcome visitors!

Hello to first time readers!  To those who do not know, Matt and I are expecting a baby!  Since Monday, April 14, I have been here blogging about my pregnancy.  I'm currently 5 weeks along by my best estimation.  On Thursday, April 24, I'll have my first ultrasounds in hand and an official dating of the pregnancy.

The families were just notified this weekend, and as promised, this blog is now officially open to the public.  (hi mom!)

Though dramatic at times, in my usual fashion, it will also serve as a hub of information to our friends and family.  My other hope is to also have a detailed chronicle of the pregnancy of Matt and I's first child together.

If you would like to leave a few comments on any entry posted, then you will need to click the comments link below the entry.  Once the comment window comes up, you may enter your name, your web address if applicable, and your comment.  Click submit, and be sure to verify the random letters generator, and your comment will be attached to this entry for all time.  If you just want to say 'hi' or a quick word or two, then you may also leave a tag on the tag board to the left.  Web addresses are not necessary, so if you don't have one, you're welcome to leave them blank.

Under the tag board, there is a calendar.  All dates that are hyperlinked have an entry done on that day.  All entries are listed in reverse chronological order, with the first entry happening on April 14, 2008.  To go back through the archives if it is beyond April 2008, the arrows on either side of the month with allow you to scroll back to whichever month you are looking for.

There are also permalinks below each entry, so you may save the link, and it will take you right back to that specific entry.

Lastly, my email is always available at cyoung2110  at  gmail  dot  com if you need anything, and for those who have it, my phone is always on.

So, welcome welcome welcome, and thank you for all of your well wishes for the three of us.  I hope you find this blog informative, entertaining, and at times, insightful.  It means the world to us to know that our child is coming into the world with such supportive friends and family.

Posted at 10:03 pm by Candy

July 24, 2008   12:48 AM PDT
You know, I was away when you posted this. I was in California and my entire life was changing ... as was yours. I'm so sorry not to have been here for you at that time. Truly, Candy, I'm so proud of you and happy for you and Matt!
Mom & Dennis
April 22, 2008   10:39 PM PDT
Grandma & Grandpa Williams send their love to our little baby bean. Always remember, we're here for you. May God Bless All Three of You. With all our love and prayers,
April 21, 2008   10:22 AM PDT
Congrats. Lots of love!


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