Entry: Mary Journal: 4 weeks Aug 29, 2011

You're exactly the weight and length that Gavin was when he was born.  You've grown out of your five newborn cloth diapers, and are now in the diapers you'll be in through potty training.  It's very nice to have a big stash to diaper you from! 

You hold your held up, and you interact quite a bit with me when we're face to face, or rather, cheek to cheek.  You quiet immediately just being picked up into my arms, and that warms my heart to no end, for these days are fleeting.  You really love being wrapped as I go about the day with things to do.

You're finding the rhythm in the 24 hour day, and sleeping more through the night.  You start out sleeping next to my bed in a bassinet, but somewhere in the dark hours, you make your way to me and remain there until around 6:30am, when your day begins.  A lot of times, you're awake for an hour, then you go back to sleep until 9:30am.  At that point, the whole house is all a bustle as Dad leaves for work, and your brother and I eat breakfast.  You're up until about 11 or so for a quick cat nap, then up until your brother goes down for a nap.  All in all, you're awake for about four or five hours during the day, and only waking twice during the night.  You nailed the night is for sleeping thing pretty much when you were a week old.  You only wake for a fresh diaper or milk, then it's back off to dreamland.

I'm so beyond in love with you.  Your brother has also taken quite a shine to you.  He still calls you "he", but we're working on it.  He likes touching your soft head (full of strawberry blond hair, by the way!), and touching your feet.  He thinks it's really neat when you look right at him.  He shares his blue bear with you, which is h-u-g-e, since that bear is very special to him.

You're growing fast, as babies do, but I'm relishing each and every phase of it.


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