Entry: Siblings Journal: 2 years 8 months, 1 month 2 weeks Sep 14, 2011

You two are so adorable together.  Gavin, I'm simply blown away by how grown up and sweet you are with your sister.  You love her dearly, and it shows.  You're always super gentle with her, and when you see her you say "It's Maaaarrryyyy."  You touch her gently, and are always sure to point out that you never touch her eyes.  Excuse me, his eyes.  You still refer to her as a boy.  We're working on it.  But you do know she is your baby sister, and you tell people that.  You are very proud of her, and like to hold her a lot, and feed her given the chance that there is a bottle involved.  You help out in the car when she is less than happy by sticking your finger in her mouth; Gavin's Milk, you call it.  And when the three of us are together, you name us off: Mary, Gavin, Mommy, and Boobies.  Ha!  "She's drinking Mommy's Milk!" is a common phrase around here whenever she's eating, and the high pitch that you say it in at the end is positively priceless.

Among other things that you say that are adorable that I never want to forget are Scumscreen (sunscreen), I pick you up (will you pick me up), No, it's [fill in the blank with whatever you are disagreeing correctly about, usually colors or numbers], I dropped a juice (I dropped a deuce... thanks, Daddy, for that one).

You swim like a fish these days with no floaties required.  Still not confident to let you in the water by yourself, your dad is always with you, you swim underwater for surprising lengths.  You've got the pull your head up for air down, now we're working on the arm mechanics to go with your super strong legs.

You have grown an entire inch since Mary's birth.  You are in size 10 shoes, and 4T clothing.  I'm still in shock at what a big child you are, as you tower over all of your friends that are the same age.

Your favorite things are: outside, water, legos, trucks/cars/trains/construction equipment/anything that goes, matchbox cars, books, and blocks.  You eat everything.  Honestly, I cannot name a favorite food, and I can't remember the last time you didn't inhale whatever we put in front of you.  You choose wise foods for breakfast (though the morning you wanted, and got, a cheese sandwich was pretty amusing), and know how to pour gently (it's getting you to stop gently is the problem) your own drink.  You don't fuss over clothes, just helping me put on whatever I deem appropriate.  You prefer bare feet to shoes.  You are amazingly verbal and love talking to adults.  Talking to children?  Not so much.  Not unless they are older children.  You always make your Monster Truck face and do a vrooom vrooom at least once with whomever your speaking with.  You, like many kids your age, have a brain that moves a million miles an hour.  You have an imagination as big as the sky (you put a sticker on the doll's knee and proclaimed it a band aid with a full on back story as to how she got hurt to begin with).  Your blue bear is still your absolute favorite possession, and that, as well as anything sticky or soft will cause you to instinctively put your thumb in your mouth.  You don't like going to bed, but you do love sleep.


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