Entry: Mary Journal: 3 months 4 weeks Nov 30, 2011

You're almost four months old now, and a complete delight to be around.  You finally hit that smiley, happy, bubbly phase of babydom.  I love listening to you babble on and on in the car, or wherever we are; you talk to whoever will lend an ear.  You giggle when tickled behind your cheeks, near your ear.  And you giggle when I change a particularly smelly dipe and tell you all about it in animated fashion.  You love seeing my face come over your crib in the morning, and are all about snuggles during nursing.  You smile to anyone who will smile at you.  You have the most beautiful grin, and your dimples show right up when you start beaming; those you got right from your Daddy.

You live for Boobahs and snuggles.  You enjoy being worn and carried everywhere we go.  As far as physical accomplishments, you're thiiiis close to rolling over on your own.  You want to sit up so very badly.  Every time I place you in your bouncy seat, you lean forward to try to sit up.  You're incredibly strong, and when held, hold yourself up quite nicely.  You grasp and hold things, and just the other day, picked up and put your pacifier back in your mouth!  You dig Sophie Giraffe, and you finally figured out that you're supposed to chew on her.  You also like your own reflection, though not as much as your brother did.  Not so easily fooled into playing with a mirror.

You celebrated your first Thanksgiving this year.  It was a busy day!  You went with your Daddy and Grandparents Kent to the finish line of a race that I was in that morning, then it was off to Grandparents Williams to enjoy the company of family for a little while.  You got to meet your cousins for the first time there as well.  You nursed yourself into a mini coma, and after the parade, we headed over to Grandparents Crawley to have dinner with them this year.  You did amazing the whole day.  Once we were at my parent's, you babbled for a long time in the playpen, and then enjoyed being passed around to all the family members.  Towards the end you were so done, though, and slept sound once we finally got you to your own bed at home.

You like your routine, and you like your own sleep space.  You are less temperamental than you were a few short weeks ago, and have blossomed into such a beautiful, happy baby.


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