Entry: Mary Journal: 5 - 6 months Jan 22, 2012

Hello my Moish-Moish.  You are so completely huggable and lovable that it's impossible to not want to squeeze the stuffings out of you whenever I hold you.  You are the smilingest and flirtiest baby I have ever had the ability to get to know.  You are as sweet as the day is long.  You are also completely honest with your feelings, and the smiles are not fake at all.  You can't be tricked into being happy for the sake of being happy.  But you are almost always in a good mood.

We play "Where's Mary?" in which I will say the aforementioned phrase, and you'll turn your head and lock eyes with me and smile in response.  You love rolling all over, and are never where I leave you.  You find it hilarious when I point that out.  You love chewing on everything and went through a small bought of teething crankies, but have easily overcome them while we wait on teefers to show up.  You're due to start solids in the next couple weeks, but I am in zero hurry considering I remember how much more work it is compared to breastfeeding.  You find it intriguing when I drink water when wearing you, but you don't show any signs of interest in whatever I'm eating or drinking as far as taking them, or wanting any part of them.  Give you a wooden spoon, however, and you'll happily chomp away for an hour.  You hate bottles and refuse to drink from them still.  You love boobahs and they fix any and everything.  You grasp, pull, push, and kick.  Kung Fu kicking while on the changing table is your latest sport (that hurts, by the way).  You are very close to sitting on your own without falling over when placed into that position, and want so badly to do that all by yourself.  You are craving so much independence and want to get up and move all the time.  Your favorite toys are your Raggedy Ann doll, a wooden spoon, a bumble bee with all sorts of teethers for rings, and your activity bar on your car seat.

You like to sit in your high chair or bouncy seat when I cook, and you want to be in the middle of whatever is going on.  You hate playpens, and will loudly voice your intolerance of them.  You love being on the floor with open space all the way around.  You are almost saying "Mama," but it comes with you being a tad upset and hungry at the same time.  It comes out "muh muh muh muh."  Your face when you are scared, crying, or really upset?  Completely adorable.  You have the cutest little square mouth and pouty lip.  Of course, I never let you cry for long, but holy gajeebers, it's so so so cute that I can't help but hoist you up and get you in a snuggle bear hug to figure out what's wrong.

You LOVE the boys in our house.  The sun rises and sets in your daddy and your bubba.  I find it completely adorable.  All you have to do is simply hear their voice, and you are craning to find them and smile at them.  Gavin is the only person who can put you into a fit of belly laughter, and you will do every trick your repertoire for your daddy, just to get him to smile back at you.

You fit so beautifully into our family, that while I sit and acknowledge that you are coming up on six months in disbelief, it feels like you have been here for so much longer.  I love you, sweetie.  You make me entirely too happy.


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