Entry: Gavin Journal: 3 years old Jan 22, 2012

Hi Bug!  Your third year.  You are such a little man these days, and it seems harder and harder to keep up with the tiny details that make you such a fun, amazing, enchanting boy.  I delight in your growing up.  This past year has been full of laughter, changes, tantrums, learning, friendships, hellos and goodbyes. 

You are doing so great in homeschool!  You are writing the beginnings of the alphabet free handed, but can trace just about any letter.  You can tell me what any word starts with and sound it out successfully.  Your patience with crafting has improved, but we are still working on your skills with scissors.  It's very hard with you leaning left handed and backwards.  You read right to left, and you are very, very  heavy handed on the left side.  We're working to help you at least write with your right hand, but it's also proving to be difficult.  I'm sure if you play major league baseball, they'll love having a southpaw on the team.  We have made a lot of friends in our little Tot School Co-Op, and you really enjoy the field trips and weekly meet ups that we have.  Just recently, we went to a small air strip, and you got to see and watch planes fly up close!  You really enjoyed that and talked about it all week long afterwards. 

We had to say good bye to your good friend, Ella.  You both really enjoyed getting to know each other, and were often found playing together at playdates.  Remember swimming with her at her pool all summer long?  You were close friends, and it was sad, at least more so for me, to say good bye as they moved away to North Carolina.  Ella refused to hug you or anyone else at her going away party; she views last hugs as permanent good byes and just doesn't do it.

You got to play organized soccer for the first time during a trial session with our playgroup.  I'm working on getting you into that little league of non-competitive soccer since you enjoyed it so much.  You had a hard time not wanting to pick up each and every soccer ball though, and I was often found snickering while telling you to put the ball down.  The coaches however, were used to this, and asked you to place your hands on your head; you spent a good portion of practice playing this way, and even scored a goal!  Other than that, you liked hanging out and sitting in the nets.

You are quite the conversationalist and will talk in complete sentences, even more so, adults understand and interact with you!  You can still be shy, but are still more often serious than not.  You like being surprised and chased.  You also like having stories read to you.  You still enjoy cuddles from time to time.  You love your boy parts and all the joy that comes with them (Lordy).  You love to run and jump.  You like the big kids swings and enjoy swinging on your belly.  You're learning through observation how to propel yourself on them, but find it way easier to be pushed.  You also like anything on springs at the parks, and will bounce back and forth for long periods of time.  You love slides, and stairs.  You have discovered ladders and climb them with such skill that I don't remember teaching you.  You enjoy your bikes, and the scooter you got for Christmas.  You love playing with anything with wheels or wings.  Matchbox cars have become a staple around this house.  You like to clean up your room and keep your things in order.  You love to help feed the dogs, and help mommy cook.  You like to wash the windows when I give you a spray bottle of water and rag.  You do a terrible job, but I just adore watching your little spirit wanting to help me out, and take care of our home.  You like sensory bins, magnets, and exploration bottles.

Potty training is done for the day time!  You totally let me know when you need to go these days, and you pee standing up thanks to Mama.  Your dad was quite surprised when he discovered that you knew how to aim all by yourself.  Now, we wait for the night time to catch up.

You look like your dad more and more each day.  Your baby fat is melting away, leaving behind a slender, tall, handsome little boy.  Your hair is coarse this year, and you got a not-so-wonderful check up at the dentist.  He informed me that you'll be needing braces by age 12.  Your dad had braces, so I suppose there was a 50% chance you would, too, but it was still a blow to my ego since I have never done anything to discourage your thumbsucking (dentist said it was hereditary, and nothing to do with your thumb).

Your third birthday celebration was lots of fun!  We threw you a Cars Drive-In Party, complete with cardboard cars to sit in and eat lunch while watching your favorite movie.  You are totally bazonkers over Lightning McQueen and all sorts of cars.  You had many friends come, including Nolan, Parker, and Cates.  It was a great time, and you got lots of fun things to play and learn with.

We're going to focus this year on science, geography, math, and handwriting in a heavy way with Tot School.  I'm very excited to see how you do.  You take to this like a duck to water; and even though you lack patience with things you are not good at right away, you're figuring things out at your own pace and I love being able to teach you things one on one.

You adore your sister, and I truly think that her presence in your life has helped you learn to share and show you further how to be kind and compassionate to others.  I also think that it made your tantrums more volatile, but it's not something that can't be worked out.  I love the way you entertain her in the car, and talk to her as if you both have your own language.  You constantly take her toys, but you share your cars.  I hope you both are always this close throughout your lives.

I love you, and am so very proud of the little guy you are turning into.  You're always going to be one of my most favorite people to be around.


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