Entry: Mary Journal: 7 months Mar 6, 2012

Hi little love.  I'm sitting here stunned.  Stunned!  I'm so surprised that seven months is here already.  The ending of six months is always so bittersweet; it feels like an ending to babyhood, and a giant thrust into toddlerhood.  I know at seven months, yes, you are very much still a baby.  Heck, you aren't even crawling yet.  You just seem so much older than you did a week ago.  It makes my heart ache a little, knowing that you are not going to be so little, so wistfully full of infant sweetness for much longer.

But life rolls on, doesn't it?  And with it, you grow older, bigger, and stronger, every day.  I read a quote long ago by another blogger named Jennifer of She Likes Purple fame that I cling to in moments like this: "Missing who he was before is like missing a light while I live with the sun."  And indeed... living with you is like living with the sun, you shine so brightly.  You are so effervescent to be around that it's contagious, and it makes me want to coo and get all tangled up in the wonder of you.  While Gavin was my serious baby, you are the total opposite and delight in anyone that comes into your world - quietly, of course.  You squeal out of sheer happiness, you love to laugh and smile.  But, much like your mother, ahem, while you love passionately, you can also fight with much the same.  While your tantrums are short, they are nothing short of dramatic and fuel filled.

You said your first official word!  "Bubba."  I had you on the changing table and you were babbling away, when you paused for a moment, and said, clear as day, Bubba.  Not, BahBah, which you say most times, but Bubba.  You're so enamored with your brother and it just warms my heart how you two just seem to be in sync with each other.  He makes you smile and laugh like no one else, even me, can.  All he has to do is look at you.  You were saying Mamamamama for a while before that when you were hungry, but it was nice to have a solid word come and be noticed.  I still say you said Mama first.  I win.

You also started sitting up!  You can't push up into a sit on your own, but when placed sitting, you can sit for quite a long time.  And you have beautiful posture, I might add.  It made your life so much happier to have the ability to be vertical and play.  You actually play with toys these days.  It's neat to watch you try to figure stuff out, and just experience different things tactily.

You love your jumperoo and will jump and jump and jump and jump and jump... you are just a busy little creature!  You still prefer zen, calm, order, routine.  But when all is familiar, you let loose and rev up your activity level.  When things get too busy, too much, you can be seen burying your head into me, or crying to be removed from the situation.  You do not like when people get all up in your face out of nowhere.  Our sweet neighbor made that mistake the other day, and your little lip came out, eyes welled up, and you let her have it.  When approached calmly though, everything is always kosher.  You like dogs, and I have found you looking for ours every now and again when they are not in their crate.  You don't mind doggie kisses, and in fact, giggle whenever Duke gives them to you.

You eat food lately, too.  We tried on the day you turned six months old, but it seems your gut was not ready, since you woke up every hour on the hour all night for two nights in a row with your belly rumbling, and you wrenching for relief.  So we put the skids on it until you turned seven months, and boy what a difference.  You still only get lunch, but you can at least tolerate it.  You HATE vegetables and the only way I get them in you is if I dip them in the fruit I have sitting to go with them.  You love bananas and blueberries, as well as any other fruit I can give you.  I have also given you bananas and peaches with a great response as well.  You don't open your mouth wide for every bite.  In fact, feeding you food takes forever.  You usually give me the smallest opening possible, I put the spoon in, sort of, and you suck the food off the spoon.  It's a hilariously slow process.  I'm teaching you some signs in conjunction (more, all done), but you seem to have little use for them.


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