Entry: Mary Journal: 8 1/2 months Apr 18, 2012

You're really close to movement these days!  You are rocking on all fours, and you'll even bring a knee under and sit on it for a bit before scooting all over backwards.  You have managed to pin yourself under your playpen, your jumperoo, the kitchen table, the side tables in the living room... you are all over the place.  You'll figure out proper crawling soon, but you're pretty happy to be a little scooter butt these days.

You love your dogs and enjoy interacting with them in front of their crate.  You avoid Duke's licks, I'm guessing because his tongue can feel very much like sandpaper, but he sure does love kissing you.  You always look for them in their crate when you are in the living room.

You prefer to be out of your playpen and on the general floor these days, but it's probably because you like the freedom of moving all around versus just sitting up or just laying down.  You do like having the curtains open while in your playpen though so you can see the world going by outside.  Helps you get some good ole Vitamin D, too!  You totally dig being outside and being on the go with Gavin and I.  You like picking up and eating grass, getting your fingers in the dirt, exploring pine needles and leaves.  You prefer having your face shaded out of the sun, but really appreciate sunbeams licking your toes.

We have introduced you to several new sensory experiences as of late.  You have finally figured out how to splash, so you now get baths in the bath tub with about an inch or two of water to splash to your little heart's content.  You like when I squeeze out the rag over your head.  Bath time is certainly your favorite time of day.  You have always loved water and your baths.  Not surprising seeing as you came into the world in a giant pool, ha! 

I placed you in the tub the other day with a small bucket of flour, some measuring cups, and a measuring spoon.  You literally sat in there for 45 minutes just digging your hands in, pouring it from the cups, dumping out the bowl, and learning all about the texture.  You really enjoyed it, and even tried the hard job of learning how to pull up on the side of the tub when you were done.  You were unsuccessful at the last endeavor, but I'm sure you'll have it soon!  You're a pretty determined little one.

We also took you to the Zoo's Splash Park yesterday.  You looked just like your brother sitting in front of the little manatee fountain.  You were enchanted for about 15 minutes, having the water splash on you, and splashing away in the little puddle, and then you were very done and wanted Mama.  Once we got seated, you crashed out in my arms.  The sun combined with water did you in.  But you were super patient for your brother as we tromped through the rest of the Zoo.  You enjoyed riding on the carousel in my arms while your brother went round and round three separate times.  It was a really fun day!  You wound up eating 8 ounces of baby food for dinner that night!  I suppose we worked up quite an appetite!

In bigger news, you got your first tooth!  I noticed it on the morning of April 6.  These things always tend to happen overnight it seems.  You're eating solids so much better than you used to, and much faster, too.  You enjoy a wide variety of foods, and really dig in when there is fruit involved.  You enjoy combination foods rather than each by themselves.  For instance, last night you had raspberries, spinach and greek yogurt blended, with a side car of broccoli, apples, and bananas blended.  It sounds awful, but I have given them both a taste, and they have my thumbs up taste wise.  You like mum mum teething biscuits, celery stalks, and apple slices.  You are still working on the fine motor skill of picking up puffs or cheerios and getting them in there.  You mostly pick them up and they get lost in your fists.  Your favorite food thus far is broccoli mixed with pears.  You also love anything off my plate in teeny bites.  You have sampled meatballs, eggs, grits, sausage, chicken, turkey, pasta, and numerous other delights.  You like eating off of utensils, and can even drink out of a cup if it's put to your lips.

You like being sung to, and in particular Open Shut Them.  You like Twinkle Twinkle, Itsy Bitsy Spider, You Are My Sunshine, Baby Mine, and any tune I make up that features your name.  You like playing peek a boo, patty cake, poo stinky feet (I smell your feet and excitedly declare how smelly they are), get chu get chu get chu (tickles and raspberries all over), and Sooooo Biiiig (you just started raising your hands above your head and playing with me).  You clap!  It's adorable because it's a closed fist meets open palm, but you love it, and when I say "yaaaaay" you proceed to clap.  You totally know your name and how to charm the pants off of anyone.  Your personality is bigger than you are!  You'll flirt and play coy with anyone who looks at you for longer than a second or two.

You love to laugh and really enjoy life and those around you.


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