Entry: Siblings Journal: 10 months, and 3 years 5 months Jun 11, 2012

You're turning into such a fun little girl right before my very eyes.  You have sweet little babbles, and are a lover.  You love cuddles and give me hugs, but nothing delights you more than being thrown in the air.  You squeal in delight.  You have started cruising!  You started crawling last month, but have moved to pulling up and cruising around using the furniture this month.  It's been a delight to watch.  You often bump into the back of my legs and hoist yourself up.  I look down to a proud little face every time.  You love sensory play and are no longer content to sit in your playpen with the same old toys.  I try to make a new container of themed things for you to discover every few days.  This latest one was "kitchen" in a shiny colander with all manner of little kitchen tools in it.  You enjoyed a basket full of wooden blocks a lot too!  You like to give your brother a hard time and take whatever is in his hands.  You particularly enjoy his cars.  He particularly despises it and winds up giving you a shove and a scream in return.  You are all over the place and nothing is safe from your curious grasp.  All the doors in the back of the house get closed on a daily basis.

You have charmed the pants off your daddy, and he taught you "bonk" last month, wherein you give adorable little headbutts upon mention of the word.  If I ask you where my nose is, you smack it, or bite it, depending on your mood.  It's pretty funny either way.  You love patty cake, and so big.  You dig dancing, and love bouncing.  You're still attached to my hip and don't like it when I get out of sight for too long with anyone else but your daddy.  You take off on your own when at playdates, but come back to check in when you're ready.  You LOVE babies your own size, and still cry every time you see our elderly neighbor.

Discovering how you eat best has been quite the journey in and of itself!  You really dislike baby food.  Meaning, if it's not really, really chunky, you'll clamp your mouth shut, and have actually shook your head at me in refusal.  I always took it as not hungry.  No.  It's not like.  I started feeding you whatever is on my plate in the teensiest of bites, and you nearly finished off half a plate of spaghetti one day!  So table food it has been ever since!  You eat like a champ!  You just decided purees were for babies, and you were not going to have any of that. 

Speaking of big kids, my son, you are becoming more and more of a big boy every day.  You are such a gentle giant.  Here lately, you have been doing a set list of chores for an allowance.  You decided you wanted a Mack Character Hauler from Cars.  Since birthday and all holidays were a ways off, and I just didn't want to go and buy it for you, I thought I'd see how you would react to working and saving for it.  It was beyond successful.  You worked your chores week to week, and in return received $1.50 each week.  You had to clean your room, help make beds, take out the garbage in the bathroom and Mary's room, feed the dogs, put away the silverware, and be nice to your sister.  After 10 weeks, we finally had enough money to take you to the toy store to make your purchase!  You earned some bonus money picking up small limbs that came out of our tree after a tropical storm came through, even picking up limbs in our neighbor's yards.  You were able to walk in, pick out your purchase, take it up front, and pay for it all yourself.  Your daddy and I have never been so proud.  You worked so hard, for so long, and achieved your goal.  You have since not stopped playing with your new truck.

You had a really great conversation with me the other day.  It all started after we came back from the park from a playdate.  You saw a plane earlier that morning, and on the ride home, you said "Mama, I want to fly a plane!"

"Sure kiddo, you want to be a pilot?" I asked.

"Yeah!  I want to be a pilot and fly a blue plane when I get big!"

Ever since you have been talking about flying blue planes, red planes, and being an aviator.  You finally had your tiny person career declaration, and it was just as awesome as I thought it was going to be.

I love you, my little chickadees.


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