Entry: Mama Journal: Memories Jun 21, 2014

...I'm sitting and watching a melancholy movie. The main character is staring out upon a large city while it is dark outside. And slowly, the sky lightens in that beautiful periwinkle color as the sunrise teases the horizon... It was in that moment that I was transported back... to a sleepy moment, holding a small infant, standing, no, swaying in a small nursery. Your nursery. It was dark when you cried for me. I came and pulled you out of your crib, and we sat and rocked while you nursed. My eyelids were heavy, but you smelled of sweet baby and milk; of laundry detergent and linen. When you had finished, I slowly stood up and pulled you to my shoulder while I swayed, patted, and looked out your window. The birds were just starting to greet the sky as it turned that familiar periwinkle color. You and me, my sweet babe... in the quiet moments of the dawn... welcomed the sunrise of a new day.


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