Entry: Baby Journal: Fitness Prospect Apr 18, 2008

Since finding out I was pregnant, I was cleared to run and keep up my fitness routine since I had been doing it for so long before we actually conceived.  The only thing that had to change was going from a High Intensity Training (HIT) Center Boot Camp twice a week to getting back to the boring old gym for boring old work outs twice a week.

Honestly, and this is going to sound bad, weight gain terrifies me.  I have worked for over a year and a half to lose about 45 pounds.  I wanted to lose 60 total, but the last 15 just didn't come off before I managed to get knocked up.  So having to come to grips with putting on 25 to 30 pounds just puts a knot in my tail.  I know, I know, most of it is baby, placenta, ect ect.  It doesn't make it any easier.

In an attempt to keep my weight under control through this process, and to maintain the flexibility, as well as the muscle tone that I built up, I contacted the trusty folks over at the HIT center and inquired if they offer a pregnancy program.  I have been with them and their Boot Camp since June of last year.  They helped get me in shape to run my first 5k, and many many races beyond it, as well as drop 15 pounds.  They helped me see a size 6, and my toes again.  I trust no one more than this fine group of trainers and athletes when it comes to my physical well being and fitness.

And in total awesomeness, I recieved a return email from Mel this morning:

"Yes we do have a pregnancy program. We also have a Post partum program for after the baby comes.  Most doctors will tell you what you can and can't do. It also depends on the Trimesters that you are in to determine the intensity. The intensity will definetly not be as intense as you may be used to, but you have to understand you are providing for two, not just one.  In terms of Heart Rate, our guidelines state not to go over 130bpm for the cardio. So therefore you will be constantly moving the whole hour because you can get your heart rate as high. You will continue to work on your strength and core as well.  As you get in your last trimester, your body's ligaments are loose (which means not as stable) for childbirth so we will adjust accordingly.

We can take care of you. I do recommend talking with your doctor first and then before you schedule in the HIT Center give me a call. It is important to get the same trainer on this matter."

What great news!!  It was rather sweet to talk to Mel again about my pending fitness.  She was the one who convinced me that after my not-so-stellar individual training session (read: ass kicking) that I can do the Boot Camp course easily.  It wasn't as easy as she said it was, but it became easier.  Every notch they took it up, I overcame it, and have come out the other side in great shape. 

For them to have a maternity program is just amazing to me.  And for her to say we can take care of you, just made me tear up a bit.  I trust them.  Not only with my well being, but the well being of the babe as well.  If the price isn't too ridiculous, then this pregnancy is going to rock out.  I will be able to hand down my emphasis on health and fitness (not a warped body image of having to be skinny at all costs) to my child.  And I'm lucky enough to be able to keep going now versus just starting out.


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