E-ma » every step of the way. There is light at the end of the tunnel, for FINALLY at 53, I am reeping the benefits with my own children & they were not raised with a God-centered life. But they are NOW!
E-ma » Candy, you are the BEST MOTHER I have ever come to know!! Stop beating yourself up. There will be times of clashing, especially with a 4-yr old But holdfast to your faith, for God will be there
Deirdre » Hi Candy!
Deirdre » Hello, Candy!! xoxo
Candy » Happy 6monthday, MarBear!
GiGi » Hi Mary, your not quite here yet but loved very much already. I can't wait to hold you in my arms. You're very special already to us all. I love you.
GiGi » Hi Gavin. I saw you at lunch time today. We had turkey sandwiches and stawberries. You didn't want me to leave and that is a very special feeling for grandparents. I love you.
Candy » IT'S A GIRL!!!
Grandma Williams » We are so proud of all of you and really enjoy our time together. He sure is growing up very fast and so smart. We love all the updates. I am looking forward to spending time with Gavin tomorrow.
GiGi » He's the cutest thing ever!!! This is such a nice way to keep a journal. Love, Mom
Deirdre » Smooch Smooch.
Grandma Williams » Great little note. Gavin is so blessed to have such a wonderful mommy and daddy. We love you.
Grandma Williams » Great updates. He is growing up so fast and is so smart. You are both doing a wonderful job as parents. We love you.
Tammy Kent (E-ma) » Candy, you are an amazing woman and mother. I love reading about Gavin and I am blessed to be a part of all of your lives. Thank you!! Keep up the good work. Love you much!
Deirdre » I left you a comment on my blog. Thank you so much. I appreciate your thoughts. And your support. <3
Grandma Williams » Wow - we just love your updates. You are the best mommy ever and we know Gavin is so blessed to have you and Matt as his parents. We love you all so much and enjoy all our wonderful times together.
Deirdre » <3
Auntie Susan » You have Gmail, precious!
Friday » Love you & miss you, babydoll! <3
Candy » i love his bathtime shots
Friday » love, love, love for you and the wee one ... I see he's not so wee any longer. BTW, the bathtime nekkid picture is on my phone. He's precious and you get lovelier as time goes by. *hugs*
Friday » Love, love, love the 6 mo pictures. The one of you and he nose to nose - made my heart gasp!!! W/any luck at all, I'll be able to come see you after I'm settled in my new (temp) home. Love you!
Deirdre » *hugs*
Friday » Girl! You tryin' to make me older than I am? LOL Two birthdays in one year? Doesn't matter, I'll always be 12 in my heart. Love you honey!
Candy » Only five months.... I wrote his birthday post waaay after I had him...
Logtar » Wow... its already been a year kid is cuter every day!
Grandma & Grandpa W » We're happy that you enjoyed the baseball game. Get ready, you'll be spending alot of time on baseball, football, and soccer fields. We look forward to some great times ahead. Luv ya,
Candy » LOL!!! That is a riot Auntie Susan! I'm working up a reply, but Gav keeps me on my toes lately. Did you get my text?
Auntie Susan » He's a star!!!
Auntie Susan » OK. I'm officially the most annoying aunt on the face of the earth. About 20 adults and 8 children saw the 'snoring Gavin' video today. Adults 'oooo'ed & ahhh'ed' and kids pointed and said 'BAY-BEE!'
Auntie Susan » Gavin, please tell Mama she has Gmail. Love you, little man!
Mom & Dennis » Happy Mother's Day Candy - this will be the beginning of many happy and blessed years for the rest of your life. ENJOY!! We love you and are so proud of you. Love,
Mom & Dennis » Wow Gavin - you are geting so big, so fast. Grandma & Grandpa Williams just love you so much and truly enjoy spending time with you. You certainly are a wonderful gift to our entire family. Luv ya
Mom & Dennis » We love the picture. It is so cute. Hope he is feeling better. Congratulations on all the new milestones in his life. He is such a doll and we love you all so much. Love always
Candy » @Friday - I love that shot
Friday » I have the picture of Gavin's little "bubbles" mouth on my phone right now. What a GREAT picture! *hugs* for you both, Sugar!
Deirdre » Aww, thank you. xo!
Susan » That smile is just getting bigger and his little face is getting more handsome by the day. Wow! Love y'all!
Mom & Dennis » Thanks so much for the beautiful portrait pictures. I've enjoyed showing them off to our friends. Love always
Mom & Dennis » This was a wonderful update. Gavin is so cute and we're so happy that you are enjoying sharing those cherished memories with him. We love you all.
Friday » OMG! The portrait pictures are fabulous! Love you, honey! XOXOXO
Mom and Dennis » Wow - we love the update and can't wait to see you this weekend. Enjoy each and every stage of his development because before you know it, he'll be crawling and then walking. Love ya,
Friday » He's sooo precious. I know our little darling must keep you awfully busy but was wondering if you had time to read my email. Love you, Candy Girl! *hugs*
Susan » I'm keeping up but not commenting. Sending you an email. doll. Love you and the wee one. *hugs*
Jenn » Love the pic! Its great! Glad to hear you all are doing well. Take care and we will see you soon!
Jenn » Love the pic! Its great! Glad to hear you all are doing well. Take care and we will see you soon!
Mom and Dennis » Oh Sweetie - you are so right but there's nothing like being a mommy. You're doing a great job and we can't wait to see you all on Sunday. We love you all. Love, Mom and Dennis
Jenn » Candy, Thanks so much for sharing Gavin with me Friday! I had so much fun with you. Never doubt yourself your gonna be a great mom! Cant wait to see you both again!
Mom and Dennis » Thanks for updating the blog. We just love to hear all about Gavin's progress, see your beautiful pictures and can't wait to see you all again. Love, Grandma & Grandpa Williams
Candy » Thank you everyone for the kind words! I'm finally getting some time to sit down and update everything....
Melly » Hope you are doing well Candy and that baby of yours too. I get to babysit my new nephew on wednesday, I'm so excited.
Jenn » Hey Girl! I called Matt to check up on you and he said you needed someone to be with you Friday so I am yours all day Friday. I am looking so forward to seeing you and holding that baby again.
Kate » Congrats Candy - He's beautiful - It has only just begun and its a wonderful ride.
Deirdre » Gavin is soooo beautfiul! Congratulations!!! *hugs friday while she's here*
Friday » I just saw the pictures of Gavin on Jamie's blog. OMG! Am I biased or is that one gorgeous hunk of little man? Oh Candy! How wonderful it must be to hold him in your arms. Kiss each other for me!
Friday » I'm still weepy w/joy this morning. What wonderful news. Thanks so much for letting me know! Please tell Gavin his Auntie Susan loves him. I was so excited I forgot to ask you a million things. ILY!
Jaime » ok... here's what I've got... 4:56pm, 8lbs even and 20.5 inches long. mom and baby are great... I've updated my blog with some information and will be posting pictures tom night.....
Deirdre » My thoughts are with you all. Thanks for the update, Jaime. (:
Jaime » I do know that Candy delivered via c-section.... she made it the whole delivery without meds and then Gavin's heartrate started to drop... hence the c-section... will update better a little later
Jaime » Hey everyone.... He's here!!! Haven't got all the details just yet.... but he arrived around 5:30 and was 8lbs something... will update with more info when I get it....
Jaime » Hey sweetie.... sorry to hear that Gavin is still playing games with you... he'll be here soon, hang in there.... it's all worth it I swear! I'll try calling you again tom... LOVES!!!
Friday » Merry Christmas, my darling and wee darling. Gavin's turning out to be a bit of a flirt and a tease already. LOL Love you!
Friday » Hope to hear something soon and if not, we hope you're OK. Love YOU!!!!!
Friday » Hoping you, Matt and Gavin will have a wonderful Christmas. We're kinda anxious since we haven't heard a peep from you in a couple of days. In your last post you said you'll talk to the Dr. this wk.
Deirdre » Merry Christmas to you and your family. *hugs*
Melly » Tell Gavin he needs to come today or he will have to wait till after Christmas. Just Kidding.
Jaime » hahaha!! Well I just can't wait till he decides it's his day! You are so much more patient than me!! I couldn't wait till the 19th and that was before my due date!! Love you!!
Friday » When I got your text, I cried again. You're amazing, always remembering me when you have so much on your own plate. You are a phenomenal friend. As always, loving you so very much!
Dennis & Robin » Little Gavin - we're all patiently waiting to see you and we all love you very much. Love Grandma & Grandpa Williams xxxoooxxxooo
Friday » I love that you're being patient. However, please tell Gavin it's not nice to keep a bunch of women waiting. LOL *hugs* to y'all!
Candy » @Jaime - it's not for lack of trying, lol. We're just being ultra patient at this point. Everything's ready to go, now we just need the baby
Jaime » at least that's what I was told
Jaime » I tried calling you today a couple of times... I'm taking Zane to get more pics done tom, lol! poor kid! You know they say.. the same thing that created that baby will get him out.. lol,....
Melly » do lots of walking. i walked to my 39 wk appt and when i got how from work that day my water broke.
uncle kevin » hey wanted to let you know grampa young(jesse) asked me to convey best wishes and he is thinking about you guys. really need to go into labor 2day or tomm would be great.
Candy » probably not... lol. Still pregnant. Still working. I mopped the floors and cleaned the bathtub last night in high hopes... we'll see!!
Jaime » So today is the day.... the question is... is he going to be on time?? LOL!! Can't wait to get the call!!
Friday » Whenever Gavin decides to be forn, I'll be a big puddle of swoon. Love you more than I can express, Candy. I had a dream that I had a Twitter from you & Matt telling Auntie Susan Gavin says "Hi".
Melly » the 18th sounds good.
Candy » still waiting... my mom's birthday is tomorrow - Happy Birthday as a Grandma, Mom!! I'm having a funny feeling about the 18th or the 19th. Though that could be indigestion.
Jaime » push 'em out, push 'em, way out! lol! Thought I'd try being funny! Love ya!!
Friday » My heart has been beating hard all day long. There's a shift in the earth's atmosphere. Something special is about to happen ... that would be Gavin. I'm so excited for you, honey! *hugs*
Melly » I really can't wait to meet him. I haven't held a baby in awhile, not since about a year ago. I may have held a 3 month old last Jan but that's it. Babies are so small and grow so fast.
Candy » Yeah, I don't anticipate going early.... But we'll see! Congrats on your nephew Melly!! I bet you are so excited for him to get here as well!!
Melly » its only 29 days till i meet my nephew. im excited.
Melly » not much longer now. i think it's pretty rare for first time moms to go before the due date. one of my friends had hers almost a week late. my mom was late for both me and my brother.
Jaime » Come on Gavin..... we're ready to meet you!!!!
Friday » 3 days to go! I can't stop thinking about you, sweetheart. So three days ... does that mean the 16th or do I still not know my Math? I love you, my darlins!
Mom & Dennis » Wow - we're happy that all is well with our little Gavin. Praise God. We can't wait to get the phone call. Take it easy and get plenty of rest. Love, Mom and Dennis
Friday » It snowed here today. I tried to save some snowflakes for Gavin. It's such a rare and wondrous event here. There's yet a more wondrous event to come ... Master Gavin! Love you, my honies!
Melly » glad that bags are packed. i went 5 days early. could happen any time now. im so excited for you. can't wait to see just how cute gavin will be.